Kamikaze mount to Wrist mount?

Earlier today I was messing around with Kamikaze trying to make it smoother but in one instance I wasn’t paying any attention when getting into the actual Kamikaze mount and I some how ended up in a Wrist mount instead.
Has anyone seen anything like this or know how to do it? I’d like to figure it out again so I can implement it into my future routines but I have literally no idea how I did it.

Thanks for any help in advance!

Yes, stick your throwhand wrist through the loop on that hand and pop the yo-yo over the triangle that forms. It’s a great transition.

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I don’t suppose there is another way you can explain that?
I managed to get it a couple of times so I know this is definitely what happened but WHEN I get it, I’m not exactly sure what is happening.
Am I going through the triangle?
I’m currently just kinda throwing it up in the air and it’s somehow landing in the mount.

Thanks for the help regardless, I’m almost there! :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait… Triangle? I tried it and i didnt get a triangle? What loop do you put your wrist into?

You put your wrist through the loop around your throw hand, doing this makes some weird triangle type thing. Not a GT, just a regular ol’ triangle.

Oh ok i got it now thanks!

Explain it further to me then cause I still don’t quite get it LOL

Check it out yo

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mhmm i actually found a different one :smiley: didnt know what you meant by “kamikaze mount” and i thought you mean the houdini, if you stick your TH through the loop and hop the yoyo from the outside to the middle string, your in a wrist mount too :smiley:

Thanks a million guys!
I got it now!