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You’re truly one of my inspirations. :slight_smile:

Really nice job with all of these tutorials! You do a really good job on teaching them and organizing them too! Keep it up!

Keep it coming. Great tutorials. I’m really having fun learning all these :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for all these tutorials! I wish I had known they were here earlier, but I guess its good timing, I’m running out of tricks from Mr. Boulay haha

Amazing tutorials man - you don’t really see to many geared towards more advanced tricks these days. I’ve been trying to figure out Wave Slack for a while but you just did it for me!

all this is awasome tutorials, but i think you are using too much time showing how to do east things like a wrist mount or a trapeze. to do this things you shold know this! but this is great tutorials on great tricks! thanks!

Excellent tutorials!

I learned the Jason Lee trick, it’s really fun and easy to do. :slight_smile:

can you make a tutorial of that complexx trick everyone is doing where you first start in a wrist mount then drop all the string off your finger so there is an odd triangular shape around your throwhand

hey ive been watchin all your tuts theyre SICK. you pick really good tricks. i gave myself a blood clot in my eye learning arm slack ;D haha that gyro flop 2 is AWESOME. I NEED to learn it. I cant figure out the “switching hands” aka the hard part. Is there any way you can explain it in more detail or slowed down or something? ??? thanks man

Your videos are AMAZING!!! HOLYHOLYJHOLYBALLLS. You have the greatest tricks but they’re so easy to learn due to your great tutorials!!! AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAh, Nice Job dude. Seriously. :o

Thanks a lot, I’m not really sure what you mean by down and up? I made a video, for some reason I can’t really figure if I’m doing it right.  ???

Thanks a lot for all your time dude. Seriously. I really want to get this trick and I think I have it down. the “over both forearms” really helped me. I think I’m going to make another video if you have the patience for one more try with me?

SLO MO is that it? i hope i got it  :-\

YES!! your the man.

do you take requests?  ;D i always do this by accident on and whut but I can’t figure out how I’m doing it…

Well I can’t wait until you get back. Cuase your tricks are just SO cool.

yay for magic gts!(thank you!) and chopsticks! thats so funny bc I was gona post this chopstick vid.

love monty twist version 2 it’s now one of my favourite tricks to do
thank you