Please erase this thread.



No Alexis, he’s just messing with you. We know you would never say such a thing. :slight_smile:

Oh and your video was really helpful I should say. Very very, helpful.

Maybe you need to use the [humor on]… [/humor off tags] more. :wink:

Hey man, I’m sorry. You looked a lot alike this jerk on youtube critisizeing my videos and your username is similar to his. Major appologies, wow I feel really stupid. lol. Deleted my other posts.

dude ive watched so many different videos that youve made and theyve all helped me. I appreciate all that you are doing! :slight_smile:

Your videos are so good. Like I am speechless… :o

Yah! Thanks to your video, I learned the around the neck into around the elbow!

I’m gona have to come back to learn that body style stuff when I wake up a little more, thats awesome, thanks! I think the only body style trick I know is your arm slack. Any tips to that one? Sometimes I land perfect sometimes I miss. Also I’m not trying to call you out obviously everyone here knows your really good but is that plastic whip twisted that you show? I ask because I want to know if mine is alright, its the same thing but without the twist at the bottom but I think I land what you did every once and a while?

I really enjoyed this, I love how your like happy through the entire video, and it cleared some stuff up from me. :slight_smile: