Wrist Mount via Kwyjibo; Hop your way to a Spirit Bomb. :P

A really Spirit Bomb-ish way to get into a Wrist Mount. Best used before a Spirit Bomb.
Be sure to watch in HD and enjoy!


Very cool looking trick! Good tutorial!

I like it. The first part’s a little difficult though. I always land on back string.

because in the kwyjibo hop the string instead of going on your finger its on your palm not index not aroung your wrist

If you’re having trouble with the first hop, try feeding the front string into the yo-yo’s gap. If you look closely at the slow-mo at 0:57, you could see me sort of feed the front string into the gap, instead of just letting the yo-yo drop onto it.

Exactly. Your palm is what should hit the string, not your fingers, or wrist.

Hope this helped.