wrist mount variations..

Hey everyone. I’m an intermediate yoyoer. I have no problems doing tricks like Kamikaze and spirit bomb and I can do some of my own combs and such but I really need a leg up. I’m kinda stuck and am not learning tricks as fast as I use to. Anyways, I really like wrist mount tricks but I can only do spirit bomb. Can you guys give me some ideas on wrist mount variations?

Google for “Wirst Mount Project”

When you’re not learning as fast, it’s normal. You gotta just choose a trick and practice. One of the best ways to progress is to practice.

And there are many tricks. Such as Alexis JV’s one, Superman, Reach Around etc. Wrist Mount is there is so much to explore, there’s too much to say. (or type).

Cool, thanks man. That’s all I needed. Just an idea of where to look. Andre’s tutorials only teach spirit bomb and superman. Thanks a lot.