WoW! I just saw a total of 4 yo-yo commercials in 1 hour!

Yo-yo ball
fast 201
and some other one i didn’t pay attention to

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what channel?
what time of day?
what city?

Woow, thats really woow.
Maybe the boom is closer.
I hope i would see something like that in my country.

Definition 2: YO-YO Definition & Usage Examples |

Plus I have old yo-yo’s that don’t sleep, they were designed to go up and down, that’s what the yoyoball does lol.
But i’m with you, now a days its not a normal class yo-yo

Slang. a stupid, foolish, or incompetent person.
I don’t like this definition! >:(
anyway, yah the boom is coming ( hopefully)

Just saw Walgreens are selling Peterfish yoyos for looping and string tricks!

thats awsome!

I was visiting my sister in Iowa and I was wasting time in a dollar store with her and a friend of her’s when my eyes fell upon a $1 yoyo. And so obviously I had to get it, even though I had my Dv888 with me. So after the dollar store we moved up the shopping center “food-chain” and went exploring in a Wal-Mart. While at Wal-Mart this excellent $1 broke in two. Axle snapped. I hope Wallgreen’s yoyos wont be like this.

How long are you in Iowa? and where at? lol

I love the Duncan Commericial with Takeshi and Steve Sorry but THROW!!!..DUNCAN!!!

around 4:00
fort myers, Fl

That’s my hope too… lol…

Yay… Boom is close…
More yoyoer (hopefully)…

I was visiting her at college about a month ago. Back up in Minnesota now. I’ll be moving down to Ames with her after I graduate High School this year.

Dude I got to Isu! Who’s your sister? I might know her. lol

You have to let me move in with you.