wow!!! where did all these come from??

i never realized how meny i had…

Nice red splash dv888. :wink: (I have one too, it looks COOL!)

Kids with a boatload of yoyos. Niiiice/

This is better suited in the yoyo exhibition forum.

Sweet collection! What are those two loopers at the end?

loop 720’s

ya nice collection

I’ll be the first to guess

Loop 720,Loop 720, ???, ???,888,Dv888,frantic,New breed,counter attack,Frantic, ???,spin top,big yo

nope just tell me when to tell you untill then keep guessing!

Can you at least tell me what is wrong and what is right?

no new breed and your missing one yoyo in the end

720, 720, Profly Maybe?, Dv888?, Tactic or California?, Dv888, Frantic, Atmosphere, Counter Attack, Frantic, Dv888, ProtoStar, Duncan Imperial SpinTop, Bigyo.

How’d I do?

2 loop 720’s. trans blue fh2, tactic, pyro 2nd run?, BAC 2010 dv888, a blue frantic, Atmosphere , counter attack, gold frantic, blue dv888 protostar? yellow???, spintop , bigyo.

no profly and that yoyo inst a tactic or a cali

no pryo and no tactic

2 loop 720s, FH2, Dv888 (satined), B-Grade 888, Dv888, Splash Frantic, Atmosphere, Counter-Attack, Frantic, Dv888, ProtoStar Spin-Top, Big Yo

!!! you got them all right!!!

Now where’s my Prize?

my everlasting love??? lol

nice! that is a lot of good yoyos!

yes sir