Wow I just saw a News Report on YOYOS

I saw a familar face on the news, Jayyo.

Really? Where was it?

His shirt might say what team he was on so… What was on his shirt?

It was Jayyo, and I live in Utah

I just saw a news report earlier too they were saying yo-yoing is making a comeback

just saw it on my local news about 20 mins ago, pretty cool

Jayyo was on the new!? That is so cool! Do they have a video of it I can see on the computer?

maybe it’s on youtube or vimeo.

Which News was it?

anybody have a link? was the report already posted on yoyoskills?

Was it about PNWR? I knwo Komo news did a report on it and Josh was in it.

Yes, CNN picked up the KOMO story nationally.

Here are the links:

yep i saw it too, the dude had a bunch of yo-yos that i knew the names of, like a maple drip peak, DM, sunset, Velocity, g5+…many more too

I am so enthusiastic about this hype about a comeback! It would be so awesome if I could teach some kids how to yoyo at my school…

I saw one in Los angeles, It was short but it was english, well it was about a week ago