Would you rather?...

Become a world famous yoyo star who has won numerous world tournaments? But is broke?!!!

Or become imesurably rich off of the perfect yoyo design you created and sold, but no one has ever heard of you?!..

Personaly the perfect yoyo would be fun to make… But let’s hear your feedback!!!

Winning yoyo contests would earn you lots of prize money, so you cannot be broke(unless you spend all the money).

Personally I would be a world famous yoyo superstar and then retire from competing, and then make/design yoyos as my job. That would be cool!

Very few contest give prize money so that wouldn’t be the case.

I’d rather be unknown and make really good yoyo’s. Who needs to be known? Thats just selfishness.

I’d rather make the perfect yoyo design and be rich, so I wouldn’t have to work and I could yoyo ALL THE TIME, thus having the time to get as good as the world champs. Not to mention the fact that if I made the perfect yoyo, I wouldn’t be tempted to spend every penny I have on yoyo gear because I’d already have the perfect yoyo. Yep. That would be pretty sweet. :slight_smile:

Well to be fair, wanting to have a ton of money and keeping it for youself isn’t exactly a Jesus move either.

I like it when everyone knows my work but no one knows me. Money all the way.

same here

I just want to have fun really.

Out of those two… B.

it’s not a tough one for me:
make the perfect yoyo.
i don’t care if noone’s heard of me. i won’t have any financial problems and get to do what i love everyday. contests aren’t that big of a deal for me and couldn’t you still go to contests if you make the perfect yoyo

Ditto too much popularity is unhealthy as well…

B, by far.

One or the other…

B) I’d have a great yoyo, and tons of money, in which I could attend all the contests I wanted to and have an amazing yoyo collection…

I’d also start my own company and sponser players and what not…

Easy enough…

It would be great to see people playing with my yoyo and going "This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever thrown… " I could walk up and be like “Yeah I think (Give all the stats of the yoyo) all work out well…” Then walk away… So their like “Wow that guy must really like this yoyo” and I can chuckle to myself about it.


And also, a real life example.

At the IYYO a month ago I met a guy from Brazil who HAND PAINTED all of his yoyos. The Brand was Timeless Yoyos.No one knew about them. But they were amazing. Metal and delrin, only 70 dollars, and just awesome. Better than so many brands, but I wont name any…

def make the best yo and get money, i dont like the idea of contests being one of the only thing that can drive all of us to be together, plus i can just sponcer worlds, thad be awesome. and the people who really meant something would knows me.

I’d rather be unknown cuz being well known is also a tough job

ummmm… i’ed probubly win the contest cause im making a yoyo with my dads friend (he owns a precision parts manufacuring plant) and he’s got a CNC lathe and we’re gunna make one, i design, he make

that’s awsome! Any pics?