Would you buy?? (Awesome Duncan idead)


Wouldn’t it be AMAZING if duncan did a blind pack set of FHZs and Chases were Modded/Bionic/Epic?

Would you buy Duncan blind packs? Thoughts?


I would. I used to be a sucker for chase cards.


yep! me too!


What is a chase card? I will google it but I have never heard of it ??? haha


When you buy a pack of say, baseball cards, some companies put random rare cards in some of the packs. Sometimes they will be hand signed, sometimes they may contain a small piece of the players jersey believe it or not. They are tough to find, hence the “chase” to look for them.


I have so many Jersey hockey cards, they aren’t too had to find.


AHHHH Like Jersey Cards, Autograph Cards, that kinda stuff? There was a baseball set called “Allen and Ginther” or something like that a couple of years ago that had 1/1 cards that were actual signatures and a hair folicle of the presidents!! I saw online someone got Abe Lincoln! Was pretty tight!!

I remember people talking about “hot packing” aka measuring the diameter of the packs because the special cards, jersey cards, special ed cards were really thick compared to other ones.

I think Donruss caught on and they put thick cardboard dummies that werent a card at all so you couldnt cheat, and sometimes they would have a security sensor because people would steal all the “hot packs” so you think you are stealing a rare card and you end up gettnig the security buzzer going off on you! haha that teaches them not to steal!


Haha lots of experience with this. people would feel up the pack for the indentation where the jersey would be so the company put in dummy cards in each pack! pulling a relic card out of normal packs is incredibly hard. Which is why “hobby boxes” are so popular. People just want to buy the good stuff and the “chase” is the $10,000 card. And the cheap relic is common.

They sell 1 pack boxes with like 12 cards for like $800.
Its a huge gamble.