Would you attend a yoyo "convention?

Yes indeed.

But I think it would be more responsible if these posts were spaced 6 inches apart…


100% heck yeah i would go and i would even like to plan one out in the future if anyone would want to get one set up

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Ha ha!
That would be great, I would not even have to “go”! :grinning:

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That sounds awesome

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Yes I would go if it was within a couple of hours drive. Sadly, this is so unlikely to ever happen.
You have to figure that there needs to be an incentive for manufacturers and yo-yo personalities to go, either money or exposure. And the farther they have to travel and spend the more incentive they’re gonna need. Worlds is the closest we’re every going to coming to an exclusively yo-yo convention event, and there’s nothing wrong with that.
Now a toy convention or piggyback off of sports, comic books, something that will draw crowds would work and it’s more realistic.


I would definitely go if it was close enough to me.

This thread reminds me of what one called BAC when I took him with me…he called it “yoyocon.” While BAC is definitely more of a contest with vendors, I could see where it would remind somebody of a convention. I remember YYE having a “1 minute trick contest” which I wish I participated in…but at the time my skillset was severely limited. Now though, I’d do it in a heart beat just for the experience.

I think an actual yoyo convention would be cool and would definitely be down to go to one if it was within easy traveling distance. My ideal yoyo convention would feature yoyo lessons and demos, a ladder contest, gear/merch, prototypes to try, and maybe a mainline contest on one of the days. Sadly I don’t think this would ever happen as the yoyo scene just isn’t big enough.


this sound great would love to go

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Absolutely. I would happily host a before, during and after party at my home. This of course depends on where the convention will be held. I can do San Francisco or Los Angeles…

I personally would not attend a convention. That is not to say it is a bad idea, just cant see myself taking the weekend off work to travel to a yoyo convention.

I would 100% be there and willing to see if there any ways to help. When I first picked up the YoYo a little over a year ago that was the type of venue I was looking for. Then I found the competitions and liked that they integrated everything at least. It seems as if that type of venue might make it easier for inexperienced folks of all ages to learn. I went to my first competition this year - PNWR and loved it! Amazing event, amazing community, so helpful, friendly, Nonjudgmental, open, and kind. But seeing these amazing artists is a little intimidating!


I think it would be easier to ADD a convention type of element(s) to tournaments that are already established and well attended. I’ve never been to a tournament and probably never will so I am not sure of everything that goes on beyond competition but perhaps you can reach out to the organizers of a tournament near you and share with them your ideas of what elements you would like to add (and do a lot of the ground work to make them happen) and how it would make their event more enjoyable for attendees and possibly draw a bigger crowd. If the implemented ideas are successful the ideas may click on a bigger level.


@AndreBoulay and I have been talking about this for years, and I started outlining what it would look like from a content/schedule standpoint. Biggest issues are sponsorship and getting people to show up for something without a contest attached to it. All of the workshops and content stuff means it’s going to cost more to run this than just to run a contest, which means people need to be willing to pay more to attend it and sponsors need to kick in a decent amount of cash (not product) to make it happen.

The idea of this has been kicking around at least 20 years at this point…just really hard to get yoyo players to put their money where their forum posts are.


Does the world yoyo contest still have a mod room? I remember this being one of the most fun parts of the contest. They would have the mod contest and then the rest of the weekend everyone would just be doing mods and making cool stuff.

If there is going to be a convenient there definitely needs to be a mod room. Also there should be a cool store with a nice alley to loiter around. How bird in hand has the alley behind it’s yoyo museum.