Would u still call this a kwyjibo?

Was messig around and this is what i came out with.

  1. Throw a trapeze
  2. Split the string on ur nth
    3.pass over ur nth first finger. The first finger should be holding up two strings.
    4.cross hands. U should be at the point before you do the second pop of the kwyjibo. Do the pop and end in d or n.

Sorry if this sounds confusing. Its a little hard for me to explain. I’ll try to post a vid later on. Let me know if this makes any sense to u.

It’s a Kwijybo without the first pop.

Yes. Kwijybo.

Kwyjibo variations!

Instead of trapeze-pop-crossed arms trapeze…

Hop from sleep and do kind of a cross-arms double laceration thing right into where you’re supposed to be after the first pop.

It is not Kwijybo, it is an element from it.

It is basically another way to get into a 1.5 mount


I say no.