Would sili'ing a G5 really work?

Would I have to buy a more rigid silicone/gasket maker, etc? would it simply not work at all?

Not a fan of CBC’s/k pads… Not to mention they aren’t readily availible, and are a tad too expensive, and you can’t buy a giant pack.

Would I have to get it recessed deeper?

I dont think that you would have to recess i deeper, just some good rtv but make sure that that you rough up and clean the surface you will be putting the rtv on so it makes a better bond. To rough up the response area just use some low grit emery paper the clean of all the dust that comes up with some mineral spirits then simple apply the rtv and let it set.

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Flowable and RTV silicone works perfectly on all YYF yoyos I’ve ever put it in including the G5 with no additional modification required.

I even put some RTV in my Mighty Flea and it’s working fantastically ;D

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It depends on the year/edition/production run. The older G5’s used pad recesses that would not hold silicone very well. The new ones will hold it just fine. What response system did yours come with stock?

It’s there. It’s batch 3002, I think it’s a 2010.

Yep, yours will hold silicone.

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