Good silicone?

So I’m going to buy a FHZ and silicone it. What’s a good silicone that you guys usually use, and works well and you rely one? Thanks

Any, really.

I use Red RTV though because I love red. :smiley:

rtv is less grabby than flowable. imo and thats what i use and it comes in designer colors! :o

You know you have to recess it.

Sorry, I don’t know a lot about modding, what’s recess mean in terms of silicone?

You have to cut a groove for the silicone to sit in. This is often done using a lathe, drill-press, or drill.

AFrozenYetiBaby, flowable is Room Temperature Vulcanizing. If it weren’t, it would not cure without a much higher temperature.

Why can’t it just fit when you take out the response system. There’s a nice groove there and how deep does it have to be on a FHZ? And what type of flowable silicone?

You can slather it on the face of the yo-yo where the friction stickers were, but it will tear off in a couple of days. A nice groove on the FHZ? There is no groove on the FHZ when it is stock. There is just a small sticker lip. 1.5-2mm is usually a good depth.

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What kind of flowable silicone do I buy though, and is flowable OK, or what?

Thread locked. XminusmikeX silicones your yoyos and paints them. And thanks for the help mrcnja. :wink: