Would anyone be willing to critique my website?


I’ve created a basic yoyo informative website that I’ll try to add on to later, but for the mean time is there anyone who would be willing to look at it?


(Recommended on computer)

Thanks in advance :smiley:


I really like the looks of it! Looks like you are set up to have some good content as well! I think it may become redundant on price comparisons. Maybe you could have a list of ones where you could write “little deviation” and then only actually show prices on ones that are different by at least a few dollars. Just an idea. I like it so far. keep up the good work!

(Rock Shouse) #3

Very awesome Ian…and that’s from an old fart like me…I found your divided area’s interesting but I liked the end of your yoyo trick the best…I laughed out loud my friend! Keep at it…I think you have the right idea… and your pursuing it…keep it up bro!


from 1 to 10? … 9!

keep it up :wink:

(angryskills) #5

It looks nice. But one the home page it feels like there is way to0 much being shown at the same time. It might be worth trying a solid background.

Just my 2 ¢


I really think the price comparison thin will be great! I hope you keep it up.

One piece of criticism I have it the screen that you see right when you get on the site. I think it might look better if you crop or resize the picture so you don’t have to scroll to see the whole thing. Also the logo might look better at the top by the options. I just find it looking a little odd to have half the logo on the picture and not the the whole picture shown.

I find a main selling point of a website to be what you see immediately when you get there.

I’m no graphic design major so do what you think is best. Good luck and love it so far!