Worried About Jensen

I guess if this is inappropriate, it will be taken down. I just am alarmed by Jensen’s FB page. I had a suicide in my family recently, and even though I don’t know Jensen personally, I’m feeling sick to my stomach over the prospect of what he might do.

I don’t know if there is anything we can do as a community or individuals, but I just have to try reaching out in an attempt to head off what could be a tragedy. I know we have a right to our own lives, and what we do with them, but he is putting forth feelings of worthlessness, and we all know he is not worthless!

Sorry, I just can’t do nothing, but I don’t know what to do!

I’m worried too, I’m a fan of Jensen’s so I’m hoping he can hang in there. Inspiration is definitely something I try to offer

PM Me if you have a B!ST Tondo F/T

Do you guys know if he is going to worlds? Maybe going would do him some good

I remember him posting a picture of the confirmation screen to sign up worlds, I don’t know if he’s still going though

PM Me if you have a B!ST Tondo F/T

FWIW, he did remove the scariest posts.

I was wondering this about Charles…

Maybe not🤔

I am certainly not a Head Doctor. But when a guy has mental issues; going to a yoyo contest or taking him to Disneyland, etc. is not gong to ‘cure him’.

Jensen has some clinical depression type malfunctions. And he needs Professional help.

It’s obvious that just by posting ‘strangeness’ on Facebook that he is either seeking help or seeking attention; or both.

All of us have something in common. Our minds are either our greatest asset or our greatest enemy. It just depends on how the little gears in our heads are meshing together.

I have always liked Jensen. He is still one of the best players I have ever seen. He is very intelligent. And he has a great sense of humor.

Sadly, anything positive that any of us might share about Jensen; if his head is on the negative side of the number line; he won’t hear it.

He started his Worlds registration(I think) but he is not listed in the final entrants listings; so he must have run into a fork in the road; so to speak.

If by any chance Jensen visits this Forum; he should know that we all want him to understand that we are All part of the Puzzle.

Jensen Needs to stick around to see what the future holds.

My Mom was a Nurse for decades. She used to sometimes work the Terminal wards. Each day she would go back to work and there would be an empty room. Because that’s what happens to terminal patients.
And it would always upset her.

But the thing that upset her the most was when she worked the Emergency Ward and they would rush in Suicides… Many not quite dead yet. But dead soon enough. She would actually feel mad at the younger suicides because many would kill themselves over anything…anything.

My Mom would say, ‘people in the Terminal ward dream about living another day and non-terminal people just kill themselves for nothing’. She would say, ‘Too bad they couldn’t just change places’.

What’s the point?

A terminal illness is ‘terminal’ in most cases.

Mental issues can often be resolved once identified.

Jensens’ postings provide good accurate insight that he simply needs Professional help.

I have heard Canada has a very good medical care system. No Obama care. But a system that actually tries helping people.

Jensen should put it to the test.

Jensen; don’t seek attention. Get professional attention.

And stick around for awhile.

Maybe he is chilling around with the wrong folks? Maybe he already has medication but isn’t taking it?

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This world needs more Jensen Kimmitts, not less of them.

Its funny, how do you help someone you don’t even really know? I mean, all’s I know about him is what I’ve seen on YouTube really, and I bet that’s also the majority of people on this forum.

All’s I can express is I want to know him as a person so I can understand him more. Maybe not “fix” him as a lot of other or of try and do with depressed people, but I want to know him and understand him.

Mexico it up.