worlds x-convict, zombie, and legacy for sale

I’ve got some old yo-yos i don’t use anymore. (i’ll get pics up ASAP). The prices are negotiable.

dingo pics

zombie pics

legacy pics

i have a worlds x-convict that has some dings and scuffs. It is all black but comes with no caps. It has flowable silicon responce, but i can put the o-rings back in if you want. Comes with a yoyonation pre-cleaned bearing. Also comes with a counterweight for 5A. $35

A Green pocket pro Zombie-I sanded the green off the rims and siliconed it. it’s responsive. it comes with the original responce if that’s what you prefer. The bearing’s worn, but it still works. the bearing has been cleaned every way imaginable. $10

A Blue YoYojam Legacy- the caps are a little worn, but plays new. the bearing has been cleaned and flossed. $15-20

p.s. Each yoyo comes with 5 orange 100% poly strings!!!

I’ll trade for any Off-String yo-yos or and one drop yo-yos.

cant wait till the legacy get here

u gunna put up the pics?