**LF lotts of yoyos come inside **

okay well i have a xconvict i want to get rid of and some money i want to spend on a yoyo so here are the yoyos i want and the price ill pay

DV888-35 bucks
frantic-35 bucks
hectic-35 bucks
mighty flea 2010-35 bucks mabey 40 if in mint
clyw bassalope or wolly marmot-35 and siliconed xconvict
axiom-35 or 20 and siliconed xconvict

please let me know if you have any of these yoyos that you want to get rid of or even if its not on this list you can offer so yeah make offers

bump please make offers im very flexible even if its not on the list and your selling post it and i might take it. ik this makes me look like a hipcrit but i want metals please i have a bunch of plastics right now unless its a protostar

no offense but no one is going to sell you any of that yoyo for thos price.
I mean 35 + x-convict for wooly marmot?? try 80 + x-convict and yoou might have a chance

guys i understand these prices are horrible but still stop telling me tehy suck ik that they are ridiculous and thats why im changing them i wasnt really thinking when i made this thread