lots of yoyos for sale or trade

kay guys i got sick and tired of my yoyos that i currently have so i want new ones and i need money for that so im selling these.kay first i have my 888x with dice stacks and origianl hubs.second u have my xconvict-black with 2 scratches oh yeah and the 888 has 2 as well and my speed beatle looper those are the yoyos i am trying to get rid off so for the 888x goes 75 bucks. for the xconvict goes for 20 and the speed beatle comes with either yoyo free of charge. oh i mean if you order both yoyos at once then i will send you that as a gift so if you want all of it then its 95 free of shipping. for trading you can make me an offer kay

my wants

i like clyw
i love hspin

Well, 3 yoyos isn’t really “lots” but whatever. Just a suggestion: Lay your thread out. Nobody really wants to read a whole paragraph just to see what you have. Might I suggest something like this:

"Hey I’m selling a few yoyos:

888x - black(or whatever color it is), 2 small scratches, dice stacks, looking for $75 shipped
X-ConVict - black, 2 small scratches, stock, looking for $20 shipped
Speed Beetle - good condition, comes with either other yoyo
Looking for $95 shipped for all

Thanks for looking!"

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what color is 888?

the 888x is black

What does stock mean?

No modifications.

How much for the x-con? Pics?

Is everything free shipping?? And also how long would it take to get to toronto?

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