lots of yoyos


I have a some yoyo’s that im looking to sell/trade. Heres what i’ve got:

first off we have the legacy the caps are faded and there is some scratches here and there. plays great. the legacy is yellow. 10$

2nd we have the 2008 limited edition worlds meteor its got some scratches but stills plays amazing.50$

3rd the x-convict there is a lot of scratches but still plays smooth aqaurius caps are in there because the original caps got destroyed. The x-convict is dark blue 25$

4th sunset trajectory’s NXG these things are great for looping i just never really used them much. some scratches. These are lime green 15$

5th The Cut perfect condition barely played with.75$

6th the velocity plays great barely played with. lime green 10$

looking for…
triple jam
element x
wooly marmot
pad recessed or silicone fhz
money !!!

to see more pics of the yoyos go to my facebook search crew harper on facebook then click on my pics

I will post pictures later ;D


GREAT prices.

The X-ConVict is so tempting


i have a silicone fhz its also got paper inside it to make it checkered lol


are you trading it?


ill trade or sell prefer to sell tho




how much for it

(marcusWsteadman) #8

i might want to buy that cut.


the sunset trajectories are gone