Worlds funnies. :-)


Have you guys ever seen any “funny” things happen at worlds or any contest.

My friend told me about a small contest at worlds that was you bet a yoyo and the person with the best trick wins the other persons yoyo. You got 3 tries. Zack gormely went up against this kid and he lost, zack was trying to do this finger spin trick on his finger with a psg and missed every time, the person against him won some clyw yoyo. Hahahhahahahhaha


I don’t know if it was worlds but I heard that somewhere a judge or something was hit by a yoyo.

(M.DeV1) #3


Last year I was throwing and a kid walked past me while drinking a bottle of coke. Right as he entered my field of vision, I accidentally hit the coke out of his hand. Needless to say, the coke got all over him and all over the carpet (we did clean it up).

Many laughs were had between us.


Funniest freakin thing ever