Worlds and US Nationals postponed

Future updates to come for both (Worlds postponed to 2021 per their social media) but neither will take place as originally scheduled. If you have travel plans please look into your process for cancelling them. If you have not made travel plans yet please don’t make any.

Stay safe everyone.


Sad, but the right call.

Stay safe. Wash hands. Keep your distance. And stick close to home unless you absolutely have to go out.


Dang it this was my year to win


Dang it, this was my year to compete for the first time, since Nationals was supposed to be in AZ. Bah. :mask:


Was going to be my first competition since I’m only an hour and a half away from Mesa. Probably not to compete. Glad the booking I made was just a timeshare my aunt owns.

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Well, it was my year to come in dead last in old man Division. At least there is always next year!

In all seriousness, this is the best call. This gives competitors more time to come up with something epic for 2021.


Well, look at the good side of this.

If you attended the Contest and you caught the virus.

You may have just ended up ‘dead’ last☠️



Well played.

The only thing you need to win this year is the game of Life…

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