WORLD'S 2013. Its a great time,you know why .For those that don't list why !!

Ill start .It is the one time of year you know exactly what mood you’ll be in … Priceless

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I only really started yoyoing a few months ago so this’ll be my first experience of worlds. Can’t wait, I’d love to actually go there some day… must be incredible. :smiley:

Gambit ya going with mates ?

I’m not actually going this year, but depending on where it is next year I might head over. As for who I’m going with, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Will there be a livestream like at EYYC?

Yes there usually is ! Look close you’ll see me hold up a Gambit sign !

Hold up a Hendy sign while you’re at it XD. Jk, jk.

im going to the won in czech republic next year

If you live in the US, go this year.

Next year it will move to Prague, then to Tokyo the next year, then back to the US somewhere in 2016.


Need to hit lottery to attend all !!! Only time I wish for wealth or a furnished Gulf Stream jet.

When is the exact Date?

I probably wont be able to go due to the fact that i doubt my parents will take me all the way to orlando just for a yoyo competition

Aug 8.9.10 .11th I believe

This is my only chance to go. It this year or I gotta wait till 2016

All I’m hoping for is that they put up a good stream. I would only want to watch performances so a stream would eliminate the need to spends tons of cash to go try to put up with a hotel full of you guys only to watch folks compete