Worlds 1A Scoring Error? (Gentry vs. Luis) Please HELP!

My background is engineering so please understand that I tend to look at numbers a lot. AND PLEASE check my work. I may have made an error or may be misunderstanding something.

I was adding up the scores of Gentry Stiein (4th) and Luis Enrique (5th). It looks to me like Luis’s numbers were not added up correctly. (See attached) However, if the spreadsheet that was used for worlds goes out additional decimal places then what is shown on the worlds spreadsheet is visual deceptive. This would mean that I have missing data.

The question is: Did Gentry and Luis tie for 4th place? On the surface it would seem so. (more information on how a tie is handled at worlds below)

My Math

Worlds Sheet

I have also taken this into account-----

From the worlds scoring page: “IN CASE OF TIE
Judges will determine the winner with the descending order of T.Ex, T.Ev, and P.Ev. If after comparing all three numbers and there is still a tie, the judges will call it as a tie or suggest a better solution. The judges’ decision is final. All contestants are expected to read and understand the entire rules above.”

Notice that Luis beat Gentry in - T.Ex, & T.Ev - but Gentry beat Luis in P.Ev. In this case it would seem like Gentry should have taken 5th because of the tie shown by the math.

Once again, any additional information is appreciated.

Can anyone who attended worlds shed some light on this?
Can anyone check my math to make sure it is correct?

Please advise.

-Josh Gibson

Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with Gentry or Luis. I just want more info on what happened.

It’s the truncation on the spreadsheet. The final scores are based on un-rounded numbers of the criteria.


how is the truncation possible? Everything looks like it was done to one decimal place, so there would never be anything beyond one decimal place to do any rounding. Unless of course they do score in the hundreths place and they didn’t post that level of detail online.

The raw average for the Eval scores are all more than 1 decimal point. Worlds there were 6 Eval judges for 1A so the full decimals are what you get when dividing by 6.


Ahh okay, thanks that clears it up.