Working on my throw

So, I have been on and off yo yoing for the past year now. I got a DV888 about 6 months ago and I LOVE it. But the only problem I have is my throw. After about 20 seconds even if the yo yo is straight at the start it will tip to one side. Is this because of my throw or mainly string tension.
Tips and pointers are greatly appreciated.

does it have anything that’s not symmetrical?

No, nothing at all

This is mainly your throw. Never really heard of string tension doing anything like that.

However, the Dv888 DOES have a high gap wall, which will allow for more tilt if the throw isn’t straight because the string can grind against the wall.

Nevertheless, learning on a high gap wall is the best way to go as it forces you to work on straight throws and it will greatly improve your technique.

EDIT: Also, because of the high gap wall, it won’t be able to spin on its own without tilting like you said. So during tricks you will learn to even it out, etc.
Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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So, If I get a straight throw and then 20 seconds later is that because I’m not throwing it fast enough?

Probably, but spinning out like that is normal for a Dv888, and many other high gap walled throws. (Again, that’s nothing you really need to worry about. I can do all my combos with one, it just takes more practice).

In the future once you’ve really mastered your throw on it I’d recommend picking up a Shutter. Low gap walled so no spinning out :slight_smile:

are you spinning out while doing tricks? or when you just let it sleep. If it is the first one then you just need to work on controlling the tilt, you can undo tilt by putting your hands in the right position.