Dv888 tilt


So today I got myself a yyf dv888. I’ve gotta say that this is my first unresponsive yoyo, so I’m still learning how to bind etc… I am very happy with the way it plays, except for one thing. When I throw a sleeper (even if it start out straight) the yoyo tends to tilt to the right pretty fast, which makes it even harder to bind it. The only thing I did with it was change the small bearing with the big one when it came out of the box.

So do you guys have a solution for this?


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Practice your throw. Try to keep it nice and straight. Try doing it slower at first and make sure that the yoyo is rolling off of your hand nicely. Also check to be sure that when you hold the yoyo in your hand, the string that feeds into the yoyo from your hand appears to be on the top of the yoyo not underneath it. Hope this helps.

So this only depends on my throw and has nothing to do with the yoyo itself?

It is most likely your throw because I have a dv888 too and I thought it was the yoyo but my throw was not smooth so just practice your throw then you will have more control of how stable the yoyo stays

Ok thanks, I’ll try to work on it :slight_smile:

Throw harder. Just don’t smack the yoyo off the ground.

Like people earlier have said, just practice your throw and throw harder :slight_smile:

I gotta ask though… What made you choose the dv888 over the Shutter? ???

Maybe he didn’t order it online or it wasn’t in the shop where he ordered his dv888 or he just hasn’t heard about it?

That’s common in undersized throws

No, it’s just common in beginning players who haven’t gotten their throw dialed in yet.

Throw straight, throw hard, and keep practicing!

Yea it wasn’t in the shop where i ordered my dv888, and I haven’t heard of it tbh.

And even if it starts out straight, it still tilts to the right (always the right). Do I have to throw harder then?