Working on a bearing to set a new world record...

My last one only went 21min 47sec …

Spin while in a yoyo or on a pen cap?

I am sure it’s a Yoyo ;D … Which Yoyo did you use?

Got any for sale ? … I still have my two ceramic terrapin Wings, they are great!

That’s pretty impressive for a flick!

Seriously though, what yoyo did you have it in? I notice those guys and gals who enter this contest use Buddha Kings since that seems to be what those yoyos were designed for.

If I’m not mistaken it has to come stock in a production Yoyo. Not totally sure though.

I think the Terrapin X Bearings do come stock in some production yoyos. I am oversighting some I’m sure, but I know it comes stock in a Royale. Some other brand, not one of the bigger ones, I know uses Terrapin X bearings.

I know they come stock in several yoyos but I think they have to come stock in the Yoyo used in the record attempt.

You just gave me a neat little diversion to do tonight: look up the rules for this. It’s fun looking up stuff sometimes. I’m editing a kindergarten performance for a DVD that has to be delivered tomorrow. I could use the break from it. I think the rules should be quite an interesting read. I mean, how would one tell if it’s not the stock bearing? So many bearings look alike or could be easily made to look alike.

It was in a BK 2, an A size S/C bearing.
Yes they are for sale

lol, if that was a flick, I would totally want that bearing.

The AYYA site went to crap and is now useless. Luckily, I saved this from extinction.

Commercially available. That means sold in stores or from a site. Not from the bst or ebay imo. I think that rule needs to be a bit more clear. An ebay store would be fine but not auction or individual sellers. That’s just my opinion.

On that note I think it would be awesome if someone in the states won that record.

You bring up some interesting points there. How would the Terrapin X product be considered? He does “buy it now” and operates a “storefront” via Ebay, but also sells individually/directly to end users who contact him. I also like his product and feel it’s very much a commercially viable product and could easily be sold through some of the smaller yoyo stores since I think his volume is smaller than most others due to the way he goes about handling things(quality first, lots of hands on work).

I tried to watch this contest at Worlds. Of course, it’s not one of those “sit and stare events”. Thank goodness for the live stream they had going on.

Terrapin bearings were for sale on one of UK shops, so it isnt just ebay.

I feel terrapin is a commercially available product. Just because its on Ebay doesn’t change the fact that is his store. A lot of companies do that. If he had a specific website like yye, would it change his status. Online is online. I understand that yye has a place you can walk into but most of yye business is right here online. Does that mean anything I buy here at yye online isnt commercial merchandise. I say if its Ebay or Amazon or a specific company that is recognized for having a product then it should be considered commercial product. And by the way fjh123, awesome product. Its in ALL my yo’s.

Don’t flame me. I wasn’t saying that his bearings weren’t commercially available. I was just stating something I think to be right. Sheesh.

Honestly I hope he can do it so take that! :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow I totally see how that came off as that. I apologize. Very much so. It was more of a statemen then anything. Philosophical professor voice. Totally sorry. I was just trying to tune in saying I think his company is a commercial company. my bad. And I think I was just trying (even if it didn’t come out that way) to back you on…

Again. So sorry.

Someone asked me to do this:

No worries
floridasquaredance? lol

To my knowledge every bearing is commercially available.
No yoyo company makes their own bearings.
They just buy them from a bearing manufacture and call them whatever they want.
Name one that is not…Please.