To Prove a Point...

Posting this for Josh aka Jayyo.

“A while back, some kids in the YYE chat room were telling some other kids that you can’t make a yoyo spin long enough for long combos with a stock bearing, and that you would need to buy some fancy other kind, I dont even know what kind they were talking about. I told them that they were wrong and that a stock flat bearing on a yoyo would spin plenty long enough, to which they just told me off and were all “NO UR RONG”. I told them I could probably complete a full length freestyle on one throw of a stock bearing to which they said “prove it”. So here it is. Obviously some rep and mistakes, not meant to be a serious fs, meant to prove a point and nothing more. Bam kids.”

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Wow that three minute throw was so long that his computer even turned off in the background!
You definitely proved your point to those kids! Btw what yoyo was that? It has a nice stock bearing! :wink:

The yoyo was a Mangaroo.

I just got respected by so much awesomeness :o

Kids…that is how you yoyo. I love extreamly long combos and that is just plain wonderfull. That’s how you do it.

This needs to be seen by everybody.

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some people can’t even get a yoyo to spin that long, let alone do an awesome combo like that. Good stuff
what ever happened to jayyo though?

I think he got Permab& if I am not mistaken. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

Admittedly, I have never been a huge fan of the guy, but that was impressive. I can give respect when it is due, however grudgingly it may be. Flat bearing, grooved bearing, it doesn’t matter, Much respect for that one.

That being said, I believe it is the person and not the equipment that rules let day. Let’s examine a shining example, a man who can take a crudely shaped, fixed axle, wooden yoyo and make it do things that will STILL have even the most seasoned of throwers scratching their heads. Ed Haponik. The video he made recently titled: “the wood life” still remains at the top of my favorites list. If you haven’t seen it, look it up, NOW.
Kids will be kids though, and even after viewing this video they will probably be skeptical still. So what? They’ll figure it out someday.

Oh, alright. The last I heard from him was he god a couple day ban.

Wow, I remember watching the wood life when it was first posted, and I just watched it again… I’m still amazed by Ed. Kinda makes me want the eh.

Um… Josh your my hero you know that. But im pretty sure when i got my mangaroo the stock bearing was a crucial… and that trick was definitely long but the yoyo didn’t seem to spend much time sitting on the string as most serious point oriented combos are done. Its a nice combo for sure but we both know that the illusion was created by avoiding staying on the string for too long. However that was still one of my favorite one throw videos that i have ever seen. Seriously though Josh im slightly tickled that after all these years you still get trolled by little kids on the forums…

Your Friend,

PS: We need to make a legit video at worlds this year Nobody Does 2a was awesome but we really should blow the roof off with a crisp worlds video…


That’s Awesome!

Rainbow Dash in the Back round. :wink:

I don’t think he’s banned. His profile says he was active today.

EDIT* Never mind. Just talked to him.

As it stated in the first post, he said that it was not ment to be a serious freestyle.

also @dynikus, the eh is not for sale. I think only 2 or 3 were made for Ed and SPYY said they will never make them again since it was so extreamly time consuming and one heck of a challenge. I want one badly as well.

I said the same thing in the comments but within minutes Josh said his came with a flat bearing. So I guess we just have to take his word for it.

For a pretty good while there wasn’t much contact with the string. Also, I was seeing a lot of the same elements being used over and over again. But, the point of the video was to prove that you can do a whole freestyle in one throw and he proved his point. This was very impressive and has me wondering if I can do a whole freestyle in one throw with my Sleipnir.


No, but for real, thank you, Josh. That junk needed to happen.

I know he said that it wasnt meant to be a serious freestyle im just saying that the point the kids were trying to make was that flat bearings werent good for long string trick combos so the fact that he can do a one throw freestyle only shows that the bearing has a possible long spin time but i mean like a good example of a video that would prove the exact opposite of the kids statement would be Jensen’s video where he uses a velocity with a stock bearing to do that long combo.