Working Lube In

What are some good ways to work in lube. I believe I over-lubed my Super G and it is completely responsive. It’s almost as if it can barely sleep. Would cleaning the bearing, then not lubing it work? I know Gyro Flops usually work, but I have been doing this and, if anything, it has gotten worse.

The best option if you over lubed the bearing is just to clean it. Gyroscopic flops will help the bearing break in, but if your bearing is barely sleeping then cleaning it is the way to go.

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Can’ed air. blow out the excess then wipe off the residue use the bearing.
I drop several huge drops of lube in my bearing never clean them out and have totaly unresponsive bearings shortly after lubing.

Yep, canned air is your friend here. I use it every time I lube a yoyo.

I’ll try this first, then…

Where might a find canned air?

Canned air - get it at a computer store. It’s generally used for blowing dust out of keyboards and cases.

Take the bearing out, put it on a pencil, or just hold it, and spray it out good. Put a paper towel behind it to catch any lube coming out. On a pencil it will spin, no problem w/that.

You can buy canned air at just about any store nowadays. Walgreens, Lowes, Home Depot, even Food Lion might have it.

When was the last time you went to your local computer shop? :wink:

Micro Center - Last Sunday.

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Yup, canned air. Easier and gives me more peace of mind to lube a bearing up nicely and then blow out the excess vs. cleaning and then fiddling with smaller drops than the bottle dispenses.

For sure cleaning and then NOT lubing at all would work, unless the cleaning is done poorly or the bearing is defective/broken (these ARE consumables… bearings can last for years but aren’t meant to last forever).

I can never find ANY, I mean ANY canned air in here, not online not in stores, I wonder why…