wooly marmot

what kind of hat pad fits the wooly marmot pls i need to know thanks in advance

thick hat pads I believe.

which thick textured or smooth

they are the same size

but whats the diffrents between them

one is textured, one is smooth…

The response feel is different. They do the same thing. One has a snappier bind than the other. That would be the textured one.

Just buy a tube of flowable silicone…or rtv silicone. you won’t be sorry, it will be a skill you use in your yoyo career way way way down the line. but if u must go pads the smooth ones would be my preference. One is probly smooth one has little bumps or something as to grab the string better. I could see where u could run into problems with a textured one snagging up. But once they broke in i would assume they would perform exactly the same.

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