Can't choose T.T Need help.

Well, I’m currently stuck choosing between:

  1. A Silver DV888 with grey polyester strings
  2. A Wooly Marmot (used)
  3. A B!ST Buttermouse Rush (I’ll order response pads,as well)

What should I choose? I’m stumped.

depends on what you want not us. all great yoyos . this should be in the looking for help/recomendation section

been thinking, and, I’ll just stick w/ DV888.

Good choice, I’m getting one too.

My personal opinion but the DV888 felt like a brick on a string :confused:

Those are all great yo-yos. I’m going to assume you’re talking about a large bearing DV888. In my experience, the a-bearing DV888s feel like a rock on the string and have major kickback and snag a lot. It does spin forever, though.

Personally, I think the Wooly Marmot has a lot more character than the other two yo-yos, but that’s just me.

The Buttermouse Rush is really well made and an excellent yo-yo, but it’s just really generic feeling (as is the DV888 in my opinion). The B-Rush and DV888 both are more stable than the Wooly Marmot.

I hope this helps.

Yeah, large bearing.