Upgrading from a DV888

Ok last time I was here on the forums I was steered toward a Dark Magic. I got the Dark Magic and I loved it. Eventually I moved onto my next yo yo, the DV888. I absolutely adore the DV888. Great Yo Yo with a gap so big you can park a truck. I like the shape and how it feels in my hands. I am once again looking to upgrade into something more full sized. I recently tried out a CLYW Peak and was looking into that one. But along the way of looking into the Peak I also saw the Wooly Marmot and the Bassalope. I was wondering what recomendations people have for these three yo yos. In fact, any recomendations for full sized yo yos (like the peak etc) are welcome. I have a pretty high budget of about 170 so any recommedations are welcome.

For preferences I don’t mind a little buzz (I actually enjoy the DV888’s bearing buzz, find it soothing) and the way my middle finger fits into the groove of the DV888’s middle just feels awesome. Beyond that I have no real preferences.

Thank you for your help in advance.

If you want to stick with yyf, get the genesis or severe, It is full sized and has that fit your finger in area.

If you’re looking into another company, the nvx, full sized that fit your finger in shape.

Also for another company if you want full sized, but looking for a slightly different shape, the addiction.

And these all perform on par with the Caribou Lodge Peak or Wooly Marmot or Bassalope? If possible I am hoping to upgrade to a bit more of a curvy profile much like the Peak. I am just wondering what review people have for yo yos. I really like the fact that my finger fits in the middle, and the wide catch range is very nice for some tricks I haven’t really mastered. Those two factors are the really big ones. If you couldn’t tell by my preferences I prefer string tricks to grind tricks (my hands are a big screwed up) but I am working on getting to grind tricks. Another note is that while the fact that it is nice to be able to layer a lot of strings, I am focusing mostly on how smooth the yo yo is.

Just saw the Leviathan II… Looks amazing.

Also. Side note. Is the Peak Discontinued?

peak is not discountinued.
I would buy high end yoyo from b/s/t thread.
Its good to try lot of yoyos

I hear the punchline is pretty sweet. You might have to sand down the beadblast next to he gap so it doesn’t eat through your string. I’m not sure if it was limited or not though…

Yes the punchline is super sweet, but I have yet to have any string problems because of the beadblast.

thats why you sand down the beadblast next to the bearing.

Im also looking for a new yoyo but im still looking at dna,888 and superstar. I think im getting superstar.