Wooly Marmot 2?

How good is it? Any reviews that I can view? THanks!

Plays like a cascade with a few tweaks.

I don’t care for it, but if undersized and cascadish is your thing, go for it.

It is really good

But if it was a budget metal made by YYF would it still be really good?

It’s not that great. It has its uniqueness. It doesn’t have you know the power.
Really expensive fun yoyo. But when I buy expensive I want a powerful yoyo.

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I enjoy my WM2 actually. It’s lighter than I’m used to but it’s comfy to hold, plays smooth, and plays pretty quick. Pretty stable too as it has some rim weight to it.

Busting out the hard questions here :o
Well, yeah. Or at least in my case. The WM2 is really expensive, and not worth 155 IMO. If you get a fools gold like I did… Well the WM2 is totally worth it then. The replay is a great yoyo, and can handle most of my tricks. It can’t quite do everything, as expected from a 15 dollar plasitc, but still-- it’s only 15 dollars. For that price, this throw blows eveything else in the 15 dollar range right out of the water.

The WM2 plays really well, and it has the power to do most tricks. Competition? Well, probably not, but can you do ladder escape on it? Absolutely. The WM2 is very fun, and a great yoyo for most play styles. I have a laid back slacky style and the WM2 handles it easily. My friend has a fast poppy style, and the WM2 handles that with ease as well. It’s a fantastic all around throw and I happily recommend it to anyone.

Yes I agree that ts a fun yoyo but to me fun yoyo or kind of less competition oriented yoyos should be 40 or 50 $ after that there should be strong and powerful yoyos.