wooly marmot 2 elctric bacon

how good of a yoyo is this? how good is the color way?

Great yo-yo, 10/10 would recommend.

As for the colorway, I suppose it’s only as good as you think it is. I like the colorway, so I’ll say it’s good.

But if you mean whether or not it’s rare and sought after, I don’t have that info.

I’d imagine if it’s in stock, it’s probably not one of the more sought after colors.

Peace. - J

not in stock rather on ebay

I really like the yoyo but I know others who don’t and thats why its being discontinued. its really all preferance

At the ebay listed price you could get a leviathan 5 or sleipnir which I personally think is better. Overall it’s a nice yoyo though and if you like undersized it’s a good addition.


PM me if you want one, I’ll make you a deal.

I like it, but I have too many throws and this is smaller in my huge hands, I got a downbeat and I realized I love heavy throws, so both of my go to throws are 67 & 70g throws now.

It’s stable and electric bacon is my favorite colorway, but I also like to see throws being used and this one is on the lighter side of my preference. YMMV

I didn’t care for the WM2. Just my opinion though.

I tend to like larger throws with more stability and float.