Wooly Markmont Iron Flower mod

Hello everybody. I did a little mod to my wooly markmont using various chemicals and powdered copper. The inside of the cup was treated with copper powder in solution and a diluted acid mix was used over time to ‘grow’ the patina. I also used a diluted acid chemical mix on the nickel to get the blackened effect on the outside, careful not to change the nickel finish in the string area.

the copper added a carefully measured 1.5 grams to each side, which to be honest brought it closer to the weight I like to play at. it was a bit too light for me originally, though a fantastic little throw regardless.

the entire process, including getting the patina right, took around 3 weeks.

here’s some pics.


thanks very much

It looks pretty cool now, kinda like a special colorway.

sell the process to clyw and make a fortune. better yet, yyf. yyf has all the cash. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice mod.