wooly markmont & canvas retail price?

??? What is it?


The Canvas was originally $135. But now they have different colorways, Lost in the Arctic etc. that are different prices. I think the Wooly Markmont was $95, but don’t hold me to that because I’m not positive.

Not bad.

Yes, the Canvas has had prices range from $135 to $300, but I feel $150 is the median target price. The Lost in the Arctic was $150 each. I feel the Canvas is over-priced and doesn’t perform anywhere near the price in my opinion. Of my CLYW’s, this is my least favorite. The artwork has nothing to do with it, as I have a #4. It’s like they wanted a Peak, except not really, and it shows. It just lacks that whatever it is that makes the CLYW"s “magical” to me.

I don’t have prices for the Wooly Markmont, it’s not a model I’m interested in but it’s a nice player. A friend has one. It plays really great. I’m just not into the collaboration thing. It’s definitely one worth owning though, and playing frequently. It looks like a MMN on the outside, but all CLYW on the inside.

That’s a really good median estimate. My Pinkerton Canvas retailed for $140 plus shipping, I like it, it’s the smoothest throw I have.

Can’t say that I agree on the Canvas - I use mine more than just about any other of my throws - I like how solid it feels, and how comfortable it is in hand. Granted, it’s a real tank - but that just makes me really deliberate with how I throw. And it makes IRG’s pretty easy - nothing to get in the way.