Wooden yo-yos

I’m currently doing a project about yo-yos, and when talking about the materials that can be used to make up the body of yo-yos, I can’t find anything about why one would use different woods to make yo-yos. So if anyone is experienced with wooden yo-yos, I was wondering if you could educate me about the advantages and differences that different kinds of woods grant the thrower.


It’s all about weight and weight distribution.

Some woods have different densities that allow for them to be heavier or lighter. Some woods also vary in durability. I think oak is the most commonly used wood in yoyos, but I could be wrong. Im sure someone here can provide you with several wood examples and their pros and cons.

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Use the Forum search function. This is an established thread from @Glenacius_K who turns some great yoyos

Show some wooden yoyos you've made

There are a variety of reasons why different woods are chosen to make yoyos:

Price, weight, durability, workability, consistency, response characteristics, aesthetics, availability and sentimentality.