Favourite kind of wood for a yoyo

What is you favourite kind or wood for a fixed axle yoyo and why?

So far, mine is just plain old red oak. I love the bold grain and it’s weight is good for yoyos.

For sure, good reasons. I’d like to see more laminated wooden yoyos sold here on YYE too. Perhaps if O.U.T could make one.

I’d like to get a yoyo made from some Australian woods, trouble is they’re really really hard and they have high specific gravity. Raspberry Jam or Red Coolibah are nice, but probably impractical.

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I like maple. Quite possibly because with few exceptions that’s all I have. The weight seems good to me and I prefer the smooth finish that they have. I have a couple of BC laminates, but they always seem heavy to me.

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The smoothness of maple is really nice and I agree that the weight is about right too. It’s definitely a good standard.

How do you guys feel about purpleheart for yoyos?

I have a laminated No Jive and it’s super nice. The only downside of the laminate No Jive is it’s heavy for Shoot The Moons.

Seems I read somewhere that the factory that made the laminate stock burned down, ending any new releases of those laminate yoyos.

I think I like the variety more than any one species.

I think BC just quit making yoyos is the real answer. There’s probably dozens of companies that make laminated wood.

Hard rock maple.

For me, Oak and Maple are my favorites. Maple can very all over the place weight wise, but it’s a very smooth wood and wears well. Oak (red/white) is generally heavier, but a little more sturdy than maple.

It’s a little too heavy for me. I do have a prototype TMBR that is oak with purple heart caps, that one is pretty nice.

The company that was making the multicolored ply that TK, and TMBR and other companies were using had a fire, and last I heard were not planning to make anymore of the laminate that was used.

I haven’t seen anyone making that stuff again commercially, but if someone knows who is let me know :slight_smile: There are individuals making it, I know Terra is making their own ply for kendama’s.

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I have a paduk Currier that I love. Very solid feeling.

Definitely walnut. So far it has turned better than any of the other woods I have tried (oak and purpleheart) and it ends up smoother too because it’s so hard. I recently got some higher quality oak and poplar that I’ll be trying out soon, so that may change my answer.

Bloodwood is dense & makes a heavy Pocket Love, but, it is growing on me. After a session with that, the 2015eH and the No Jive feel featherweight