Wooden fixie counter weights

What are all ya all using for wooden fixie counter weights? I am gonna make one just curious for ideas…

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I got some larger wooden beads from a bead store in town. Shown here:

I also have this purpleheart mini yoyo that Kevin of Fallen44 made custom at my wife’s request for our anniversary a couple years ago. It’s a little too heavy for my fixies, but works great for other 5a:

Also this chunky of scrap spectraply @Glenacius_K gave me with an order way back when, that I had big plans to shape and forgot about until you posted this thread:

And finally this 3d printed Deathstar a friend made me as a keychain. It’s nice and light. Goes well with lighter fixies:

Take all this with a grain of salt, as I am awful at 5/0a, but the beads and Deathstar are best since their light weight compliments the light weights of the fixies. The heavier items like the block of spectraply and the mini purpleheart are kitschy and neat, but not super functional with a fixie due to their weight. The mini yoyo one is heavier than both of my legend wings, and the cavemen go, lol.


I love the Oak Counterweights from TMBR and use those all the time. I also have some mini-wooden yo-yo counterweights on my site that I sell as counterweights. I call 'em Lil Beebs.


Is there a specific weight difference you prefer- or 1:4
1:3 or?