New wooden counterweights I made

Tell me what you think about them.

I was thinking of calling them Woodys since they are made of wood, but if you have a better name I would like to have it.

The metal ring looks like it would be a ding machine.

I would’ve just drilled a hole through the wood

Me too.

The ring is actually for more weight, since your hands separate the yoyo when you are holding it and catching it there is no way the ring will strike againts the yoyo.

I see you don’t do 5a very much.

I made some changes to the counterweight, I remove the string and passed the string through the hole and for extra weight I screwed in a screw, it a screw that fits into a nut so its not an abrasive screw that will cut the string.

These look awesome. :slight_smile:

The CWs without extra weight, weights about 6g since I like heavier the screw gives it like 7-8g.

Something that this CWs have is that wood has different densities so some of the weight heavier of lighter.