New from TMBR - The FREEMONT 2020 & Oak Counterweights!

This new version is an update on the slimline original with rounder rims, 1-1/8” width (1/8”slimmer than previous) and a cut groove on inner wall.

These Oak counterweights are made from a 7/8” Diameter white oak cylinder. It’s a simple design, rounded on one end for comfort with a through hole for the string.


@YoYoExpertGarrett will there ba a restock of cotton anytime soon?


Do you have a rough weight for the counterweight?

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Yep, knew I was forgetting something! Just weighed 5 of them and they’re all between 9.5g - 10g. I’ll add that to the page.


FREEMONT 2020 is an 0a machine, this one is really good, don’t sleep.

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Yes! :clap: I’m loving the new Fremont too!

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