Wood yo-yos for trade

For Trade!

I only have 4, & 9 left.

What I’m looking for

Specific models I’m interested in
Day Tripper (I already have a gunmetal)
countach 5000qv
Clyw chief
YYF heist✔️Found
Rain city toonie
Alley cat :heavy_check_mark:found
Recess snack✔️found
Duncan butterfly al

Companies I’m interested in
One drop
Pdx yo
Rain city
Few & far between

Already own
One Drop- mcmo, m1, fat tire, burnside 2020, deep state, silhouette
YYF- loop 720, flight, uppercut, k.o., wedge, whip, 44
TMBR- Zipline wood z, Fremont, pokeht tiger kehng
Hildy Bros- azalea
Something- double or nothing
Yoyofriends- dove
Recess- first base
Zipline/doc pop- day tripper (want another, different color. I have a gunmetal one.)
Duncan- big fun, butterfly xt
Fsyb- pv44

Let me know if you want more pictures of specific yo-yos or want any additional info

Please keep in mind that I am still learning so there could be tool marks and or some vibe.


A little bit more info and demo. A lot more rambling.



Just got a notice that I have now been a member of this forum for 1 year. I’m celebrating by shipping out some of the wood yo-yos I made. :exploding_head::birthday:

Thank you everyone.


Heck yeah!
Edit: I’ma dingus. You’re smart.

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Those look great, especially the Oreos!! I wish I had something worth trading with you but sadly notging that fits the bill. Keep up the strong work though!


Only three left. :+1:

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Just two left.

4 &9


Glad this was a success Rob! Just be prepared. As @Glenacius_K can attest, if you send a bunch of people a bunch of good yoyos, they’re going to just keep asking for more. And more. And more. :joy:


That’s not that bad of a problem. I like making them and I’m still learning so it’s giving me practice. Hopefully I will eventually be close to where Glen is, but I’m still learning. I really like that something I made is out there somewhere being enjoyed and could be after I’m gone. What a great way to leave your mark on this world. Maybe someday my name could be up there with people like Glen, or Tom Kuhn, or Flores and Duncan. For now I’m just having fun.


#2 has landed and it rips! Anyone who started a trade will not be disappointed. And if you are you’re wrong, and PM me for an address you can send it to for rehoming :wink:.


Got my “XL-sized” ore-yo in the mail today, SUPER psyched about how this thing plays! My fixie play isn’t the greatest in the world but regens and stalls are perfect, the weight is on the lighter side which is great for my personal taste. Looks real snazzy, too! I feel very lucky to have gotten my hands on this piece, y’all best be keeping an eye out for Rob’s stuff from now on for sure!


Thank you @adamantiumpimp and @mag it means a lot to me that experienced players enjoy them. I’m already dreaming about my next batch so I’m going to try and have some more out before Christmas. Any ideas?


I’m a fan of anything purpleheart. This Zebrawood also looks really good, and spectraply is a crowd favorite!

Shape wise I don’t really have much of a preference. The wall height on this purple zebra is perfect, so any alterations to shape I’d recommend making outside of that.

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Also, just an FYI, the poly string you included lasted about 15 minutes before it let my new jojo go flying into my kitchen :joy:. Throw is still in good condition, and now has some nice strong cotton keeping it warm.

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I’m sorry. It was a new cotton string. Is it ok?

The blues are cotton? Weird. Yeah it’s all good! Guess I was whipping it around harder than I thought!

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They are old bulk cotton I bought years ago. Sorry again. I’m going to order new string today

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I wouldn’t sweat it. I abuse everything I own :joy:

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@adamantiumpimp @yoyo2442 @mag @Sebtendo
Hi everyone. @adamantiumpimp had a string break and I wanted to make sure everyone who got the old blue bulk cotton string knows that they might be prone to breaking. They could possibly be older than some of you, so if you have replacements it might be a good idea to change them. And I ordered new cotton strings and a little slick 6(because I never tried it) last night. If you don’t have any and would like some just let me know and I’ll hook you up.

Also I’m holding off opening all of your packages until (hopefully) Monday. they should all be here and I’m going to make a little video.

Again thank you everyone