Wood turning/working


If anyone remembers, I got a lathe a while back. Still trying to get a chuck to fit my weird spindle size (1 1/8 x 12 TPI. Vicmarc sells a chuck w/ inserts that I’m just waiting for a seller to get in stock)

Anyways, I figured I’d post some stuff I’ve turned, and stuff I turn in the future

Turned this today:

Also turned 2 pretty small plates a few days ago. They’re ~4 1/2 inch diameter

(BBYY TT, Raptor, and whip in the background)

Then this is a pretty simple tool holder I made w/ some 1" pvc pipe and scrap wood I had. The pvc is cut at the bottom so I can easily see what tool it is

When I get my chuck in hopefully a week or so, I have 2 goblets that I’ll be able to finish up as well, and then I’ll be able to start making some really cool stuff. Kendamas, yoyos, etc.