Since I don't have a lathe...

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Tutorial-ish on how to recess a Freehand.


What is your cutting tool and do you hold it or have it mounted in something?


Use a flat screwdriver, right?

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Yep flat screwdriver. I just used whatever available as a tool rest, which happened to be a tape roll.
Nothing is clamped onto something which is actually bad lol, if you can at least clamp the drill so you can have two hands to work with the cutting itself.


Your way of working is very similar to that of those who work with lathe for wood.
The instruments with which we work are called “gouges” and this I believe to be the most fascinating way, difficult and “artistic” to create objects!


And now I have stuff to do… Where’s my drill…


I recommend it, it is important to keep firmly in hand the tool that you use and you need to place it a stable base and allows a good pressure and control because if unfortunately had to get out of hand is very easy to hurt yourself!

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Post here when you’re done


For some reason the mobile app isn’t letting me post on the lathe thread so if this could be merged with it, that would be great!

For those interested in making a homemade drill lathe, here is mine :wink: with minimal access to accurate power tools (no table saw, drill press, and so on), I was pretty happy with it.

It’s not pretty but can turn stuff really well! I also have a shop vac that I use to minimize dust and such flying away from it.
Here is a yoyo I made on it.

P.S. Thank you to whomever merged the topics! :slight_smile:


great start !!!