Power drill lathe question

If anyone here has ever used a power drill as a lathe to mod a dunan yoyo, what volt drill do you need to muscle enough power?

It has been done a lot… it is NOT recommended for safety reasons.


what do you mean?

Well using a power tool in a manner that it is not designed for can be dangerous

The most common version of this uses a drill (unstable and prone to snagging) and a screwdriver (NOT meant for lateral torque)… risk of injury is much, much higher than with a ‘real’ setup that can be obtained for a few hundred bucks. As such, I will never recommend this method.


I have a vice and a screwdriver sharpener. Even if the screwdriver is filed down to a sharp edge and the drill is vice locked in place, will it be okay to do it?

With the drill motor firmly attached to a work bench, and holding the screw driver such that it drags on the surface rather than having the sharp edge facing into the rotation you should be fine. You are scraping the surface rather than cutting. The result is basically the same.