What to mod with???

I need something to mod yoyos with. Like to make sili recess, schmoove, and concave bearings.

Like a drill? Or are you asking for yoyos to try them out on?

Your best chance is to use a lathe. For most things, a drill can suffice somewhat. For what you mentioned and several other mods, the best way without a lathe is to put the yoyo or bearing onto the drill and then use a dremel tool to carve the yoyo.

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Lathe and drill are good starters. :smiley:

I don’t have a lathe??? I need something to carve out the yoyo. And I don’t really have a dremel…

Well, the lathe and drill press works the best and is probably the safest way to mod a yoyo.

A lathe is not a good starter. This thing can take fingers off instantly. Its a very dangerous machine. I watched a guy loose his thumb with a lathe and he’d been running one for more than 20 years. A drill or drill press will work just fine. They too are dangerous but not like the lathe. Just remember these two rules. EYE protection and NO LOOSE CLOTHING!

This will help you in being safe.

Clamping a drill in a vice and using a screwdriver to cut the recess will work just fine.

ive got great results using a drill, and if youre careful its safe (as with anything), but ithicus is right about the lathe, i use wood lathes and ive seen a guy have the skin taken off his knuckles because he hit the chuck jaws while it was spinning…not a pretty site

I’ve done that. small but it still hurt like “explative”!

same, it was really small but still hurt…alot

one thing i would do if using a drill is clamp it to a table and use a few pieces of wood (i used a few hardback books once) to elevate the tool (i use a sharpened screwdriver) to the height you want, that way if you do get a catch it wont fling the tool out of your hand, it also gives you better control and will result in a much cleaner recess.

So… a normal screwdriver???

Will knife work?

Knife is too brittle not to mention way too dangerous. You should get you a normal flathead screwdriver and file it down till you get the desired size you are looking for.

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