Wondering why your yoyo is a bit numb?


Check em’

I think it’s time to redo that half.

*edit: This has nothing to do with the bearing seat. And the axle is modified if you’re wondering.
*edit edit: Look at the silicone, people! That’s the only thing wrong with it right now.

(Connor) #2

I think numb was the wrong adjective to use because I have no clue what your talking about other than seeing a messed up bearing seat.


Is that your new-logo Sleipnir?



What are you talking about? Look at the silicone. ::slight_smile:


My eyes hurt. Bearing seat? Looks like the whole silicone recess area is angled to me.

Whatever it is, I’m doubtful that kind of “out of whack” is gonna be a simple fix.


Did you get it fron the bst? It could be one of those yyr bootlegs that are rising up. The bootlegs don’t come with boxes so if you did get it from the bst without it’s box that could be sign. If it is a legit yyr… wow.


HOLY COW people!!!
My Sliepnir is authentic!
Look at the silicone on the right vs on the left.

(Jei Cheetah) #8

yeah, Im surprised, did you buy it used?


I bought it new. But this is my second silicone job on it


This is definitely a yoyo : ;D

That happens to me alot on all my yoyos.


OK you had me worried there for a minute. I saw the silicone job on it but the axle setup threw up a major red flag for me because that would have definitely proved it to be counterfeit if you had bought it new like that. If I may ask, why did you have the axle modded?


I can’t believe all of you thought either this was a bootleg yoyo or had a defect.

All he’s saying is it’s not playing like it should because the silicone is wore out on one side…


My first thoughts were “Wow, he evenly wore out his silicone!” For me however, my silicone pads usually just rip a chunk out and just completely rip out all together when they’ve had enough.

My Maverick’s rubber response pads are angled like that now and performs a bit on the ‘sloppy’ side, may be time to pump some sili into it if that works.


In my defense, the pic weren’t the clearest. Especially on my phone.


My stance had nothing to do with the silicone. I mean I saw that it had worn out around the inside and recognized it as such, had a good laugh and moved on. I was just concerned because it has the wrong axle for a new-logo Sleipnir. This speculation was made before he had disclosed that the axle was modded. I’m not sure where the whole “messed up bearing seat” thing came from either…


Lol, sorry but that’s funny.


Well, those pictures are playing tricks on my eyes. From the angle, it looks a lot worse than one half needing to be siliconed. Obviously, it was an accidental optical illusion to my brain.

Either way, me eyes did say “dude, something massively wrong on the right’s response area…” That’s about as good as I could get.

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