Wolverine Tribute

I’ve always had a thing for yellow and blue yo-yos. Displayed here are 4 CLYWs in the Wolverine colorway, 4 CLYWs in the Clareview Station colorway, and a Heavy Splash Chief in the middle.


Little to say, the beauty of the anodizing of BvsM is unique and unparalleled.
That “liquid” blue, which looks like fountain pen ink, is of a majestic beauty !!!
CLYW has never been able to replicate the masterpieces of colors created at the beginning (BvsM and Peak 28 stories, Peak Grizzly Bear Clown Town 1st run, BvsM Wolverine and Ogopogo, etc.)

Congratulations, excellent themed collection!


Wolverine Blood G2 colorway as well!



Yes @codinghorror ! I have that one and several other non-CLYW Wolverine-themed throws. For this display I decided to keep it to CLYW only.


This is a great point. What happened? Why can’t anodisers do this anymore? What changed? How did the skill get lost? Have the raw materials changed?


I don’t think anything has been lost, my idea is that simply company choices have been made that maximize profit, and the first way to do it is to lower costs … Being able to count on a brand that is now so well known that it can settle down and count on a certain “income” given by this.
On the other hand, when you launch your new product on a new market and the following ones, until you have managed to “make a name for yourself”, they must be very careful, in every respect (this is also the reason why many of us are looking for “old” models).
Staying always on CLYW, but only because of the particular colors and researching them were an absolute “reference point” at the time (the speech concerns many), look for example at the first Black Bip Bop colors and compare them with those of the models made in China (Kodiaq, Manatee, etc.), the latter are really ugly in comparison.
And this is not because in China they are not able to do things, simply because if you went there to produce, obviously, you don’t want to spend the money that you would have spent making them do near your home, who knows, like Gruntbull, just to do a random name.