What's this CLYW colorway?

Over the past year or so I’ve been collecting CLYW in the “Wolverine” colorway (yellow/gold base with blue splash). I was lucky enough to snag a Gnarwhal, BvM and Puffin off the BST through some luck and patience. The Marmot has been difficult to find, but recently I acquired what you see below (furthest right):

What colorway would you call that? It’s not a traditional Wolverine–at first I thought it might be a FG, but there are no FG markings. It looks like a Wolverine acid wash gone wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s cool and will proudly display it next to my other Wolverines (and my heavy splash Clareview Station Chief that likes to pretend it’s a Wolverine), but I’m curious if anyone knows definitively what it might be.

Aside from the four models above, are there any other CLYW that have been produced in the Wolverine colorway that anyone can remember? Also, if anyone knows of anyone who might be looking to unload a Wolverine Marmot, please let them know I’m always willing to overpay ;). Thanks!

Here’s some other pics:

That’s a nice collection you got going!


I think I remember seeing this one. It’s a custom Ano job I believe.

Ah, that would make sense. My hunt continues…

im 95% sure its not custom. i think its one of the old clairview station but id ask chris

That’s interesting. Do you remember seeing a post about this somewhere?

I do have an email out to CLYW, hopefully they’ve got some time to respond.


I am pretty sure that is an old Clareview Station

Definitely not a Clareview Station colorway.