CLYW Wooly Marmot and Gnarwhal RESTOCKED!

CLYW GNARWHALS AND WOOLY MARMOTS ARE OFFICIALY BACK IN STOCK AT YYE!!! I just snagged a 28 stories gnar and dark and gold splash marmot ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D!!!

An I don’t get freaking payed till tomorrow! Gah I hate my bank account!

Well good thing they aren’t sold out yet! =)

I was gonna buy a 28 stories Gnarwhal and a Dark Blue w/ Gold splash Wooly Marmot… But decided i’d only buy 1, i chose the Wooly Marmot :slight_smile: btw, do you know how many they made off of that colour? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways… nice choice man, blue/gold ftw

Get your Wooly Marmot and/or Gnarwhal before it’s gone! they’re so worth the money =D
I’m getting a Dark blue w/ Gold splash Wooly Marmot and i’m so excited ;D

Thumbs up to YYE to make this happen =)

Matches your cub scout uniform that way. :wink:

No, I don’t know how many were made out of that color, but i do know that there is only one left. That means that people like them better or less were made, which means you probably could sell it for a little more.

Also, isn’t blue/gold the clareview station edition?

Like around 5 hours ago they changed the color name from “Dark blue w/ Gold Splash” to “[Clareview Station Edition] Dark blue w/ Gold splash”, so yes you’re right :slight_smile:

Awesome! thank you =) and i got 1 hehe

I stayed up late until my check AND tax refund came through. I picked up a hulk smash Gnarwhal and a blue/yellow marmot. Plus some yellow/green/black string.

Awesome man! i’m jealous of the gnarwhal ;D looking forward to getting my marmot =) Clareview Station Edition ftw haha

I’m slowly morphing from a SPYY junkie to a CLYW addict. Canada makes great Yoyos

I’m slowly morphing from a SPYY junkie to a CLYW addict. Canada makes great Yoyos
Haha yeah, i really want a Supra or Pro by SPYY but i can’t buy too many yoyos at one time… Do you own any of them? if so, how does it play/do they play?
I have been watching Alexis Jancorda-Vadnais on youtube, he is also on the video for the Supra on Yoyoexpert =D

I also want more CLYW yoyos, i’ll always be hunting them :stuck_out_tongue:

At the end of the month I’m going to buy a Pro. I haven’t played with either but I’ve been told they are similar. A friend has played with both and knows my preferences.

I prefer larger yoyos as I have huge ham hands. I will get both at some point but the pro is my first choice.

Oh alright, the pro looks hot! i love the red/yellow color =D and the purple/blue supra :smiley: